Review for Cannibal


(#) CosmicZombie 2012-06-28

Wooooah. That was...Wow. Dark and twisted and beautifully written. This has to be one of the best horror-fics I've ever read. The way you built the tension and used language and the way the plot unfolded was simply brilliant. Amazing stuff, dude. Thank you so much for writing it! Your writing skills just seem to get better and better...I'd love to read more work of yours in this style. Once more; awesome. Just...gah. I had chills all down my spine from reading it. Dark in such a messed-up way, but such a good story. I greatly enjoyed reading it, although I have to admit, I did keep glancing over my shoulder! :L

Lucy X_O

Author's response

wahuefhurirgrrio oh, you thank you so much! This review made me smile so much like so much it really means a lot coming from you like seriously I was so worried about this fiction because horror is kind of a bitch to write so I'm super glad you liked it!