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Almost Done

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-06-29

Hi. I have a few things to say and they are not negative.

Who gives a damn if you say this here?! I certainly don't. Go ahead and release it to the world if you need to.

For some people, this is the only place they can come to get things off their chest and feel secure with others about it. It's sad but it's true.

I am so sick of everyone adhering to a few annoying individuals on here who think they need to label everything that isn't strictly an update a sympathy post. They don't know every single person's life on here and just because they aren't dealing with anything difficult right now doesn't mean that someone else isn't.

A few trolls came and brought these people who usually are only in it for themselves on this website and don't really contribute anything to the community out into the open and now they've cast the blame to the vast majority of the population for their "sympathy posts". About a year ago, nobody was preaching all of this ridiculous bullshit. Trust me, I was here even before that.

I can tell you're hurting and if that's how you feel it's how you feel. It's not stupid either because you know what, your parents fighting whether you realize it or not can bring on emotions like this.

You need to talk to somebody. I would recommend one of your parents because it may not seem like it but they truly would care if you came clean about all of this. No decent parent wants to see their child in any type of pain and if you're feeling this depressed they are going to want to do something about it.

If you're too afraid to talk to them right now, there are plenty of people on this website who would listen and they far out number those who would just give you hate for what they call a "sympathy post".

You are doing nothing wrong in my book. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that. Stay strong, alright? Good luck.

-Adnarim Smada