Review for Auditions? New Idea?

Auditions? New Idea?

(#) REINVENT_LOVE 2012-06-29

Name-lillian arlene bartlett but goes by arlene


Looks (split for detail) Hair-short choppy layers but its long and pink with blue and purple streaks

Eyes-super duper really light honey brown colour :P

Height/weight/figure- 5"6 100 pounds so shes quiet small

General clothing-band merch, hoodies, skinnies, knee high converse

Anything else with looks?she has a nose and lip piercing and hrr ears are pierced 6 times

Personality-shy, puiet, but shes a hyperactive freak when you get to know her!!

Fears-spiders, small spaces

Strengths-playing piano, art (mainly drawing)

Something random about the OC (or yourself if your basing it off yourself)-she always acts on impulse, and says what she thinks by mistake all the time!! She loves to sing but thinks shes terrible.

Part- i dont mind :) but i would perfer not to be the school bitch..

Is it okay if your character dies or gets injured? I dont really want her to die but if she has to thats ok :)

Anything else you want to add? She has adhd and dyslexia and was recently diagnosed with depression. Oh and shes irish if thats ok :)

Soo thats it, hope it was ok :) i cant wait to read your story cause im not ok is one of my favourite mcr videos :D goood luckxx

Oh and sorry if anythins spelt wrong i really am dyslexic :P