Review for I think I should write something.

I think I should write something.

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-07-01

I has an idea!
MCR guys are challenged to stay the night at paramour mansion. When the guys arrive everything is overgrown some windows are borded up and the door is locked. After great attemps of getting into the building, they finally manage to bash the door down. For the first few hours things seem alright but just past half 11 things start happening: Bangs and crashes are heard from different rooms, the guys start seeing shaddows, a sound of a piano can be heard. The guys decide to investigate splitting up into 2 groups. Each group exerences horrid things, see figures of men women and children ect.

You get the picture, if you want help on the story or more ideas of things that could happen if you pick my idea e-mail me at

hope it helped =)

~Lu lu xoxo