Review for Translations of Blood

Translations of Blood

(#) Coffeeaddict98 2012-07-02

Have a good time in Wales! It's been raining all day here though, so I don't think the weather will be that good. Then again it was nice yesterday so...Anyway, enough about mood-swinging welsh weather, this was awesome as usual. I absolutely love Robbie! “You need to stop letting other people make your decisions for you. Do what you want to do, Frankieboy" I've realised that myself quite recently. The soulless part at the beginning was beautifully written. It was all well written, I love Frank in this, you've developed his character really well. I know that feeling of just looking out of the window at the rain, and the'joshing' bit made me smile. I love Ray too, such a good friend. Clarissa seems to sort of mean well but I still don't like her:L Also,I've been meaning to read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time for a while, this reminded me! Another great chapter, hope your journey isn't too tiring x