Review for Auditionistas!


(#) BleedingValentine 2012-07-04

Name: Rachel Way (obviously)

Nickname: Fuzzy. Because the red shaved bit of my hair's grown out now and it's so fucking fluffay yaknow?

Appearance: Tall, very pale with loads of freckles. Curvaceous, round face but still aesthetically pleasing. Long, wavy chocolate brown hair with red side on the right that has grown out and sticks up in every direction and HOLYSHITITSFLUFFY.

Age: 17

Part: Gee's daughter, your biological sister. With Sophie, of course.

Anything else: A huge geek. Like seriously, a major, ultra, massive geek. Knows maths, like, really well. Plays bass like Lyn-Z and likes drawing like Gee. Very friendly.

Author's response

Hey there sister from anoth... no. Wait. The same mister! XD You and Sophie shall be my sisters! :D xx