Review for Minus the Wind

Minus the Wind

(#) Kasan_Soulblade 2012-07-09

A wonderful peice and a slight AU on the ending of Birth by Sleep. But it makes one wonder... There were so many assumptions being thrown around. Terra being completely lost, Xenohart's victory...

But those that seemed the most... wrong were (ironically) Aqua's. That amused me, perhaps more than it should have considering the somberness of the piece.

Also King Mickey's flipant coment about "tricks of the light" much less memory erasing... Am I the only one to get a chill up my spine with that idea?

After all Vanitas was remorseful in the end. While Aqua didn't say anything to Mickey about that certianly he noticed... And still to suggest such...

It definitly makes one think...

Well thanks for putting this up, I appreciate the thoughtful read. If you post more KH I'll pop in and drop a line.