Review for YO, personalized one shots hereeee

YO, personalized one shots hereeee

(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-07-11

Name: Pandora Hardell
Nickname: Boxy
Appearance: Pixie cut light blue hair with chunks of yellow in it, Slim, 5ft.8, green eyes
Likes:Guitar, bass, piano, music, animals, and art
Dislikes:elevators, spiders, and clowns
Personality: Sarcastic, likes to play pranks, short tempered, wierd, random, and clever
Background Info:Was best friends with Frank growing up and had abusive parents, moved out the day she turned eighteen, got a job woking at a music store but left to go be a replacement for Mikey on tour
Piercings/Tattoos:Lip piercing, double pierced ears, tattoo sleeves, and a fairy on her back.
Partner of choice (if relevant):Gerard
Storyline of your choice:Mikey leaves to spend time with his wife and they call Pandora and old friend of Frank's to replace him and she and Gerard hate each other at first but then Gerard confesses that he loves her.
I hope this is good enough :)