Review for YO, personalized one shots hereeee

YO, personalized one shots hereeee

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-07-11

Name: Ashlie Harlequin Alex
Nickname: Asking Alex, AshBash, Ashbestos, The A Team, Ashy.
Appearance: Has long blonde hair to her waist, streaked with blue and purple.
Likes: Cats, nightmares, skeletons and odd jewellery.
Dislikes: Sushi, trumpets, spiders, clowns, baboons, whores and pop music.
Personality: Snappy, sarcastic, witty, caring, sweet, but tough.
Background Info: Has had a crush on Gerard since they first met at age 13. He liked her back but neither of them had the guts to tell the other how they felt. Is Scottish, so she has that epic accent.
Piercings/Tattoos: Has vampire bites and a small tatto of a broken clock on her wrist.
Partner of choice (if relevant): Gerard :3
Storyline of your choice: OOOH!
So, there's a school dance coming up and Ash doesn't have a date. So, she and her best friend Gerard decide to skip and go to a Green Day concert. At le Green Day concert, BJA invites them onstage, and it is there that Gee admits he likes Ash and Ash admits she likes Gee and they kiss and Billie Joe says,
"Okay, okay, enough with the smoo- SICK. I CAN SEE WHERE HIS TONGUE IS IN HER MOUTH!"