Review for YO, personalized one shots hereeee

YO, personalized one shots hereeee

(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-07-11

Name: Caitlin Mar Wilder
Nickname: Cait, Casper (like the ghost, annoys the he'll out of her)

Appearance: tall; pale; big forest green eyes; long curly chocolate brown hair with a side fringe; she's almost always wearing a hoodie of some sort

Likes: Music, Superheroes, Chocolate, Drawing

Dislikes: Coffee, Being ignored, awkward situations (which is inescapable, really), boredom, silence

Background info: Has an overprotective mom who wants to keep her in a bubble so she doesn't get hurt; Dad who likes to embarrass her; Has the most embarrassing crush on Gerard Way; Frank Iero is her beat friend that likes to make fun of her for being a cliche about it.

Piercings/Tattoos: nosestud, ears pierced, cartilage

Partner of choice: Gerard, but its more like, she has a huge crush on him kind if thing

Storyline: Highschool Au (Cus im in the mood for one) Caitlin has an embarrassing crush on Gerard Way (her friend Frank will not cease to tease her for it) and now she's paired with him for that treat-an-egg-or-sack-of-flour-like-a-baby project. Cue lots of awkwardness, rambling Caitlin, and Oblivious Gerard.

Hope you can work with this :)xx