Review for YO, personalized one shots hereeee

YO, personalized one shots hereeee

(#) ItsM0llyBitch 2012-07-11

Name: Marley

Nickname: Mars

Appearance: Shoulder length black straight hair with a side fringe dyed neon green. Bright green eyes lined with black eyeliner the whole way around, 5'2", slim, pale with freckles across nose, glasses

Likes: Playing bass and keyboard, drawing, listening to music, reading comic books

Dislikes: Liars, hypocrites and prejudism

Personality: Smart, funny, caring, great listener, good friend, weird, random, gets sad easily but also cheers up quickly

Background Info: She grew up in England with a few problems that didn't stop her, she got very into music in her teenage years and decided to learn bass and keyboard. She wanted to change people's lives with music so decided to move to America when she was 19 to persue her music career

Piercings/Tattoos: Lip ring on left, nose ring on right, two piercings in each ear. Has a sleeve on her right arm with something on it to represent each of immediate family.

Partner of choice (if relevant): Mikey :3

Storyline of your choice: After she moves to America, she finds out that MCR are looking for a new keyboard/synth player for their tour and being a big fan she decides to audition. She gets to do it and after meeting them, she gets along with everyone but her and Mikey are closest and blah blah blah they end up together

Sorry if it's a bad idea, it was the first that came to mind xD xx