Review for Auditions


(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-07-24

Name: Caitlin Mae Wilder

Age(Must at least 18 unless you're auditioning for the lovechild): just turned 19

Your top two choices for a part: person trapped in the soap, or person who befriends the guys

Appearance is split for detail-

Hair: long, chocolate brown, curly, several colors in her side fringe

Eyes: big, forest green

Body (This would be height, weight, etc.): 5'8" curvy, average weight

Clothes: really laidback; jeans, graphic t-shirts with funny/sarcastic messages on them, some sort of hoodie at all times, worn purple converse with black laces, beaded bracelets

Tattoos/piercings: nose stud, both ears pierced, cartilage

Anything else regarding appearance: nope

Personality: She gets distracted pretty easily, but when she's paying attention she observes things others would overlook. She rambles when she's nervous or excited, and catches people offguard with how sarcastic she can be. Other than that she's really friendly

Do you prefer Frerard or Frikey?: Frerard

Other information: She tends to trust way too easily, and makes constant superhero references, like "What would Captain America do? Damn, his sheild would come in handy right now." and other stupid stuff like that.

There ya go, hope you like her :)xx