Review for Auditions


(#) ShovedToAgree 2012-07-24

Name: Sara (BC) Hawthore
Age(Must at least 18 unless you're auditioning for the lovechild):22
Your top two choices for a part: The Sexy nurse or one of the peiple stuck in the soap opera
Appearance is split for detail-
Hair: Dark Ebony, bangs covering somewhat of her face
Eyes: light blue
Body (This would be height, weight, etc.): 112 lb
Clothes: Band tee shirts, ripped faded skinny jeans, hightop Batman converse
Tattoos/piercings: a Batman symbol on her left shoulder blade
Anything else regarding appearance: Flawless skin
Personality: humorous, bubbly, trying to get all the fun in life
Do you prefer Frerard or Frikey? frerard
Other information: doesnt talk much