Review for Auditions


(#) ItsM0llyBitch 2012-07-25

Name: Molly Carroll

Age(Must at least 18 unless you're auditioning for the lovechild): 21

Your top two choices for a part: Person trapped in soap opera or idiot and third sexy nurse

Appearance is split for detail-
Hair: Long platinum blonde straight hair with sweeping fringe and rainbow streak

Eyes: Bright blue

Body (This would be height, weight, etc.): Short (5'0"), slim

Clothes: Skinny jeans (Black, green, red), Band tees (MSI, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, ATL), converse/ballet pumps/army boots, black hoodie/cardigan

Tattoos/piercings: Two piercings in each ear and cartilage on right, lip ring on left and nose ring on right, has sleeve on right arm and various other tattoos

Anything else regarding appearance: Pale, freckles across nose

Personality: Kind, caring, funny, random, has a tendency to say embarrassing things at the wrong time, good listener

Do you prefer Frerard or Frikey? Frerard

Other information: Vegetarian, believes in equal rights for everyone/thing, plays bass, draws