Review for Crazy Kid Helping Crazy Kids

Crazy Kid Helping Crazy Kids

(#) RockMusic 2012-07-25

Franks mind, haha oh dear. This chapter had a lot of funny moments. Me like. Huh-rah for my terrible grammar just than! This chapter was great. They finally communicated, yay. I'm semi-convinced that Mikey has super powers and can mind fuck people from a far. Mikey has powers.. Yep, I don't care what you say that's the story in I'm sticking with. I can't for their actually meeting and for your next update. Stay awesome

Author's response

I'm glad you saw the funny moments and that you liked them. Three cheers for terrible grammar!
Thanks! And I agree with you about Mikey. He certainly has some kind of mind-fucking-related power.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :D