Review for Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

(#) Dragen 2006-11-03

The only reason that Harry hasn't got a chance of defeating Voldemort right now, is because Albus didn't train him in time, or pepair him. So it's Albus Harry hasn't got a chance of defeating Voldemort, not Harry.

Everyone thinks down on Harry, he might not have a good self-esteem, because of living with his 'family', but he as done things that many people can't... and anyone that thinks that Harry is helpless is fools... even the Author of this story, (Sorry, but I don't see Harry as helpless as you do) And as for not thinking Harry wil do will in his OLW's then they are fools too, apart for two test, he has done will in them.

The fuck fool Albus didn't want Harry to learn Occlumency, the asshole. The asshole, how can Albus do this, this is one of the reason that Harry isn't at the top of his game... its because Harry isn't popouly train.

I just hope Harry learns the true colours of Albus, so he can kick Albus's sorry lettle ass.

Author's response

Thanks for the review. I take the fact that my writing was able to elicit such a strong response from you as high praise indeed. Thanks for that, as it means I am doing my job well.

Just a few points. Albus in my story is not a bad man. He just has alot of people counting on him, and he just wants do the best for everyone. Even if that means he must do somethings that he finds distasteful. The title of this chapter is "The God that Failed" and I chose it for a reason. Even the best of men, Albus included, can make mistakes, like he did here.

Also, this story is AU after OOTP. As such, whatever OWL results Harry recieved in HBP do not apply to my story. However, please don't think that I personally see Harry as helpless. While Albus and some of the other members of the OOTP may feel that way, not everyone does. Voldemort, for example, respects Harry's abilities.

Once again, Thanks for the review.