Review for Can someone give me advice?

Can someone give me advice?

(#) pixiefaerie 2012-07-28

I can't really help on english - I'm in art school and hated english at school - but I did psychology in my final year of school, it's a really interesting subject, but my teacher was rubbish, and I failed and got kicked out the class (whups).
However, my friend is doing psychology and sociology in college and he LOVES it.
I'd say doing psychology AND english could be a lot of hard work and pressure for exams or folio work etc. so maybe bear that in mind.
Best of luck in what you decide!

Author's response

thankyou,i did a taster session of psychology and kinda fell in love with it:3 and yeah the only thing stopping me is the amount of work, so yeah haha. Good look in art school to:)