Review for To The End (With Me Driving, It Sure As Hell Will Be)

To The End (With Me Driving, It Sure As Hell Will Be)

(#) BrokenBones 2012-08-01

Okay so here's where I confess the fact that I haven't even read the whole thing yet, but something hit me like a slap in the face;
I know, I'm an asswipe for pointing this out but:
Near the start of the story you say, and I do quote,
'frozen feet, because no, Converse weren’t waterproof- not even the super-cool neon pink and green striped ones- he’d learnt that the hard way after a spot of misguided paddling in a giant puddle outside the school gates less than twenty minutes ago, and now his feet'were deciding to make his life hell.'
Henceforth implying he's wearing converse, soggy converse..

THEN, my dear-y you go on to explain a mere few minutes (in the story-time) later how our dear Frankie crushes our also dear, and missed might I add, Boberts Monster can with his 'favourite steel toe Dr Martens'

So..yeah, I just thought I'd point this out since I have the memory of a seive&would've forgotten about it..I don't expect you to change anything I thought I'd just say it..
..But might I add how thoroughly I'm enjoying the story so far&I shall continue reading upon the finishing of my ramblings..which is about now..

-A xoxo

P.s-can I just say how much of an amazing talented author I think you are&I'm an avid reader addicted to 'Be My Detonator', 'Trying to Escape the Inevitable' and ofcourse 'Translations of Blood'..and 'Raw Power' it was called? 70's punk themed frerard oneshot?
PPLLEEAASSEE may we have an update of Trying to Escape the Inevitable&Translations of Blood
Drops to knees and beggs ?
; )

Author's response

Thank you for pointing that out- I'll go fix it right away. Don't think you're an 'asswipe' for pointing a typo out, it's really helpful- otherwise it would have taken me forever to notice and have been really embarrassing :L So yeah..Thanks xD

Aww, thank you so much! :D That means a whole lot to me :'D I'll try update Blood today or tomorrow, and Inevitable soon after that. So glad you like my work, and thanks again for reviewing!