Review for To The End (With Me Driving, It Sure As Hell Will Be)

To The End (With Me Driving, It Sure As Hell Will Be)

(#) amos222 2012-08-01

This is awesome. I loved it!! actually, I liked it so much that I tweeted a quote from it. The one about the flesh-eating butterflies actually being awesomeness. I was laughing from the first paragraph and I hardly stopped at all until it ended. Please, please, please continue on!! I love your stories so much and I miss your funny ones sometimes. And the Frank in this story so far is just great. I love his personality and his misplaced cockiness and his nicknames. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you get l

Author's response

Yay, I'm so glad you liked it :D And wow, I feel special, being quoted xD Thank you so much, I shall hopefully continue- glad you like Frank's misplaced cockiness and weirdness, I had a lot of fun writing his character in this!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes :D

Lucy X_O