Review for I Shouldnt Love You

I Shouldnt Love You

(#) xXxILoveFrankIeroxXx 2012-08-03

I like this.. I'm such a disturbed person. Before I give a REAL review I would just like to say -GAHHHHH Poor Frankie!! And BAD GERARD. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO FRANKIE?! D:
Now for an actual review- I love love love love love this. I know, Im creepy and odd but hey, its good. How old are they?? I can't wait to see where this goes. I like story idea, the way you wrote the first chapter, everything. And Patrick being mentioned made my day becuase you never really see those characters together. Update soon?? xo

Author's response

Thanks :3
In that chapter Frank was 10 and Gerard was 21, for the rest of the story Frank is 16 and Gerard is 27 ;D