Review for Forever means Forever

Forever means Forever

(#) darkvenom 2012-08-05

Not really a review just wanted to say that though I was a little unsure about the way the story was heading at the beginning with Frank and his family etc, I am happy to say I was completely hooked after frank and gee met! The ending made me cry so hard! I have never felt so downcast about a story before!! I wanted to write this to scream at you for ruining the story and demand you change the ending so that Gerard could walk again and they could both live happily ever after. Unfortunately life doesn't turn out like that, huh? :( But thank you for in some ways opening my eyes with this story but overall just giving me a great read and I hope you carry on writing and hopefully inspiring others as you have me to write too! Thank you :)

Author's response

Thank you so so much sweetheart :) that means so much to me! :) aww haha id love for him to walk and everything be all perfect :) ah I cannot thank you enough :) xx