Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) pott4grager 2012-08-06

What a great, interesting, well written, GRIPPING story, with many hilarious bits. I particularly liked Dobby and his antics, brilliant! Like you I do not like the last 2 canan books. It has been suggested that JKR had a ghost writer do them and considering the many total turnarounds I tend to believe it.
Pott4grager, Dave.

Author's response

Hello, pott4grager,

Thank you for your kind words. JEDI was an adventure to write, with both good and bad…(and funny. Can’t forget the funny!)

I wrote this the way I wished Rowling had written hers…because with a little research, and some character development, it could have been so much better, and I agree, she must have found the absolute worst pubescent fangirl, and given her a hundred quid to pound out both books. Nothing else makes sense.

Hopefully, I’ll have something else ready for posting soon.