Review for Newton's Third Law of Magic

Newton's Third Law of Magic

(#) Meteoricshipyards 2012-08-07

Very enjoyable. I did like the new ideas you've thrown into the fic-sphere (Hey! A new word :-). I had an idea of Harry strapping Snape down, and sucking the magic out of Voldemort through his mark, but never got it written. (The other idea was to kill all the marked death eaters because Voldemort was sucking their magic to keep his artificial body going. Also not written).

One problem (but not a big one) was the title. I didn't really catch the equal and opposite reaction.

Laws of magic are an interesting idea, too. JKRs magic is just so illogically put together and in many ways vague that it's hard to actually draft any.

Thanks for the story. Great to see something new from you.

Tom A.
Third law of magic (from a TV show) - Never get caught in your own reflection.

Author's response

The fic evolved out the title, but it did stray a bit, I must admit. Still, if magic can be projected by a mage, it would be absorbed by an 'anti-mage' wwas the basic idea.

Other reviewers: those who liked the fic, thanks for the reviews! Those who didn't, well, you got what you paid for! Best of luck finding stories you like.