Review for Auditions


(#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-08-07

Auditioning for Villian. I know you said a male for that part, but I think a female could make a great villian too. If not then I would like to be one of the minions :)

Name: Dana Monroe Smith. Preffers being called Zero.

Age: 21. But she's a vampire.... So 245 years old?

-Hair: Jet black, sleek straight hair. It goes down to her hips.

-Eyes: Emerald green

-Body/Skin: Athletic yet curvy body. Ivory pale skin. Has a birth mark just like Marilyn Monroe's.

Reasons for being evil: She had alwas been an evil, mean person. She used to be a spy and killer (the best the world had seen) before she was turned into a vampire. Evil comes to her naturally

How she turned into a vampire: She was a spy in her mortal life. One of her missions was hunting down and killing a very rich and hated man. She seduced him and they ended up marrying. He then turned her into a vampire, so they would be together for all eternity. Soon turned she drained all the blood from him and killed him the only way a vampire could be killed, cutting his head off. Once widowed all of his money belonged to her, so she eloped from America to Europe to live as a fugitive, once people found out she was the killer of her husband.

Weakness: None. She's pure and true evil in all her form.

Main Goals: Extending the riches she started in her mortal life. Nothing will stand in her way to riches and power.

I don't know if that's good enough or not. :)