Review for Auditions Wanted!

Auditions Wanted!

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-08-09

Name: Hollie Nicole Iero
Nickname: Hozzie
Age(please be realistic a criminal boss isn't going to be seventeen): 43? I dunno, whatever suits the part :L
Personality: Friendly. Gullible. Shy. Funny. Clever. Creative.
Eyes: Bright blue
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Shoulder-length, straight, full-fringe
Body(figure, facial description ect): Short, skinny... I dunno how to describe face, I'm sorry, I'm so bad at describing stuff D:
Scars: Scar on tongue where she split it open when she was two
Tattoos/piercings: Non
Clothes: Dresses with tights mostly. Colorful clothes.
Likes: Orphan. Reading. Writing. Making people smile. Hugs. Large hoodies. Music. Playing piano.
Dislikes: Horror movies (except Orphan). Discrimination. Being yelled at. Strangers.
Sexuality: Straight
Backstory: Frank's Dad left her when Frank turned five and her Dad died when she was 32.
How and why did you get involved I'm crime or the FBI? ??
Fears: The dark. Strangers. Spiders. Lifts.
Part: Frank's Mom :3
Other info: Can speak Spanish as well as English (Obviously :L)

Love Hozzie :3