Review for Auditions Wanted!

Auditions Wanted!

(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-08-09

Name: Kodi Lynne Erickson
Nickname: Kodes
Age: 19 (change it to whatever is needed)
Personality: She's very composed. Keeping calm is her specialty, especially in the middle of a crisis. Her humor is really dry and sarcastic, usually used to make a jab at someone, playful or not. She isn't the best when letting people know when she's feeling upset or worried. She will lie straight through her teeth if she needs to, if its to protect someone she cares about.
Eyes: Big, deep blue
Hair color: a dark, reddish brown
Hair Style: Shoulder length, really layered, straight but sort of shaggy looking, side bangs
Body: About 5'5", compact and slender, reasonably curvy
Scars: One just under her ear, a faded line that goes to the bottom of her cheek; covers it with her hair; refuses to tell anyone how she got it
Tattoos/Piercings: She has a rose vine tattoo that winds up her right arm
Clothes: She goes for comfort, usually wears dark, unnassuming colors; black jeans, combat boots, a grey, black, or white tank top, and a worn, tight fitting leather jacket
Likes: Getting her way, sketching/drawing (a lot of the time events or people), Slipping into a new identity for a little while
Dislikes: being caught (so she makes sure it doesn't happen), people who don't cooperate, losing touch with people she worries/cares about, complete silence
Sexuality: Straight as a nail
Backstory: She grew up in a generally normal home environment until her dad disappeared one day without a trace. Her mother withdrew from her and eventually just gave up completely. She doesn't like to talk about her past, because to her its something to be used against
Why did you get involved in the FBI?: She didn't want to sit back and not do anything when things were falling apart, she didn't want to be like her mother
Fears: Being completely alone, absolute silence, letting everyone down
Part: Frank's Girlfriend
Other info: none

There ya go :)xx