(#) Kittenm 2012-08-09

Name: Brendon Adam Lockt (Prefers his middle name)
Part: Graverobber
Age: 26 sound good? Change if needed.
looks below and remember it needs to be weird so pale faces, multi colored hair,plastic surgery scars E.C.T be creative with your look)
Hair: Like Except spikier and his bangs are purple and the rest is green.
Eyes (you don't need to do this if your auditioning for the part of blind mag): One is bright, ice blue, the other is a bright, glowing purple.
Cloths (like punk rock styled thing): Loads of leather and chains and studs. He tends to wear a studded, black, leather jacket with bright green leather jeans and a black studded belt. He doesn't usually wear a shirt, but when he does it's either a black or white undershirt or a solid black short sleeve shirt. He has lots of spiky bracelets and wears two rings on the middle finger or his right hand.
Piercings/tattoos/plastic surgery scars: He has the two first piercings on each ear (small, hugging hoops in the second, spikes in the first.) an industrial bar in one. He has both eyebrows pierced and bottom snake bites with another lip piercing dead center. His arms are very heavily tattooed, from dragons to sex scenes, to angels. He has "Bang Bang" written across his knuckles. He has scars on his cheek bones and over his wrists. He also has them along his spine.
Are u okay with being a junkie (As i have said zydrate is a very addictive substance,if your auditioning for amber sweet your a druggie no matter what..) Yes.

Author's response

Yep your the grave robber but is it alright if i change parts of the look on your character?