Review for DMT


(#) formysanity_FOBMCR 2012-08-12

shit sis what the hells this sposed to be a factual log of all experience

all names have been changed to protect the innocent

dear diary today i fucked myself up so bad it was so great the trees were so green yo ho yo ho trippin balls is the life fo me

and no tellin the kiddies to stay in school dont do drugs its bad mkay fuck that noise im starshinestoner and im a hardass bitch brain damage psht yolo mofos yo motherfuckin lo

Author's response

triiippiin bawwwlllz is defs the life for me i fucked myself way harder whats wrong with brain damadge it makes u se awhole other trippey world cuz im starshinestoner the hardass bitch motherfcuker, get hiigh everyday : D