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Personalised stories wotwot

(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-08-13

Name- Caitlin Mae Wilder

Age- 16

Occupation- high school student

Looks- pale; long, curly, chocolate brown hair with a side fringe; big, forest green eyes

Style- pretty laidback; t-shirts, darkwash/ripped jeans or capris, some sort of hoodie, and worn converse.

Personality- major rambler when she's nervous or excited, zones out easily when her mind manages to run away from her, surprisingly stubborn and sarcastic.

Story line- She has an embarrassing crush on Gerard, so she's pretty sure someone is trying to kill her when she gets paired up with him for one of those "pretend-the-egg-or-flour-sack-is-a-baby" projects. Major awkwardness ensues. Bonus points if Frank is her best friend that likes to make fun of her for being a "cliche"

Hobbies- drawing, singing (secretly), writing, talking

Like&Dislikes- (likes) chocolate, lame jokes, Gerard; (dislikes) coffee, ongoing silence, being ignored, making a fool of herself (pity this happens often)

Extra- (E.g smoker? sexuality? any tattoos?): She has both of her ears pierced twice. That's it.

There ya go :)xx