Review for Personalised stories wotwot

Personalised stories wotwot

(#) Kaleidoscope_Eyes 2012-08-13

Name: Chloe White

Age: 17

Occupation: Cashier at a music store

Looks: tall 5'8", naturally tan, bright red hair like almost firetruck red but not quite, dark brown eyes, slender

Style: mainly wears dresses and skirts but occasionally wears skinnies, always has on converse

Personality: really loud and bubbly. Total jokester and really sarcastic. Intelligent and witty

Story line: Frank sees her working and hits on her but she turns him down. He keeps coming back and hitting on her until she finally says yes. Pretty much a funny, light-hearted story.

Hobbies: painting, drawing, writing, singing

Like&Dislikes: likes- food, music, animals, books, art, dislikes- spiders, snakes, bugs in general

Extras: nope

Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)