Review for Personalised stories wotwot

Personalised stories wotwot


Name- Megan Tait

Age- 15

Occupation- student

Looks- crazy Curley, brown hair. Shoulder length.

Style- slightly gothic, usually black.

Personality- she's kind and protective. But shy and barely speaks. She relies on Gerard a lot and he understands what she's feeling

Story line-She's a friend of Gerard and only speaks to him when they're alone, but sometimes when Mikey's there. Mikey's confused over the fact that her voice is slightly odd, so he asks gerard and he tells Mikey she's deaf, maybe something like that? Then Mikey visits her, maybe, and sees her playing the piano. She eventually speaks to him and at the end he tells her of his crush and they kiss? Maybe? Sorry it's long

Hobbies- Playing piano, though she doesn't know what it sounds like.

Like&Dislikes- likes food and writing, hates speaking, socialising and school.

Extra- only that her parents are rich so she lives ina massive house.

Thanks x