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Personalised stories wotwot

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-08-13

Name- Jennifer Delores
Age- 18
Occupation- Singer in an almost famous band
Hair:black, up to her neck, hot pink highlight
Eyes: Brown, has black glasses
Skin: Brown, not like dark brown
Style- band t shirts, chosen from the men's section, skinny jeans, a pair of converse
Personality- Smart, witty, make sexual jokes, loves to make people smile, is caring, thinks on the spot, and is hard to get mad.
Story line-(...hmmm....I'm hopping off the band wagon and being my own person! FUK DA POLICE THIS WILL BE A BOB STORY XD) Ok, her band is famous in the city of New York, and everyone loves the band she's in, with 4 other guys, who are her besties XD. They're JUST beginning to rise to fame, unbeknowest to her older protective brothers and her mom, who are living in New York but are completely oblivious and think she's In Harvard. So when she's performing, she meets Bob and the whole band is there, but she likes Bob. So sparks and lovey dovey shit happens, but when her really over protective brothers and her perfectionest mother find out, a big blowout ensues. At the end of the story, the brothers come to terms with their little sister dating someone and being in a band,but still want punch Bob's guts out, and her mother is crazy, as usual, but admits she's proud of her daughter.
Hobbies- Singing, drawing, reading, playing video games, and writing.
Likes- singing, drawing, writing, reading, playing video games, hanging out with her bandmates, performing, dogs and Bob XD
Dislikes- Her brothers when they hurt people she likes, dresses, skirts, drugs, alcohol, her mother when she lectures her on growing up and being a "normal girl", and her skin condition on her upper arms that she's really sensitive about.
Extra- (E.g smoker? sexuality? any tattoos?)
"Rage And Love"(right wrist)
"Awake And Unafraid "(left wrist)
"Take a sad song and make it better"(right arm)
(^^^^ 10 atomickilljoy points to whoever can guess the band and sing of that tattoo!)
she's Mexican American, but no Spanish is needed in the story.

Thank you! I love you....wut ._.