Review for Translations of Blood

Translations of Blood

(#) amos222 2012-08-13

Robbie is so bad ass. I don't think I've ever loved an OC as much as I love him. He and Frankie are just the cutest coupling ever and oh my gosh, the poem at the beginning was so beautiful and I love you and thank you so much for updating and I can't wait until Frank dumps Clarissa. Seriously. I hate that bitch. But Robbie… I'm wondering how Gerard is gonna fit into this. I think I'll be sad if Robbie gets hurt or turns out to be a jerk or something. I just can't wait until the next chapter!! And all of the other chapters too. I swear to God, you are such a lovely, beautiful, amazing human being who writes fanfiction which can only be described as perfection and magic.