Review for Personalized Stories

Personalized Stories

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-08-14

Name : Alice Armstrong

Age : 18

Looks : Gerard's BP style hair. Greeny-grey eyes. Pale, doesn't tan. Always has her nails painted white or black. Has her ears done once each,

Storyline : Alice works at a comic store, and one day, as she walks in, she finds some dude sitting on the counter. She's very snappy and sarcastic and slightly rude to him. They have to work together and slowly Gerard begins to, yanno, fall for Alice, despite the fact that she's, like, a fackin' icicle.

Relationship (if you want) : Gerard/Alice

Anything else : Alice is very snappy and sarcastic and yeah. Very fluffy :3

-Claire, Ash, Andy, Fin, Brendon, Alice and Jared x