Review for Happily Never After

Happily Never After

(#) MrsWayBeckett 2012-08-15

How? How do you write such amazing chapters?
This was sooooo long(which is a great thing) and perfectly writen!
Ah Kacy is not a whore -_- and how dare Bren try and take Adam away.
And,Spencer....well...idk about him. xD

Anywhore, great chapter, I hope you update reeeeeeeeeeeeally soon! :D

Author's response

haha, I just try. Thank you though. :D It's nice to hear that someone enjoys reading the chapters I put out.
Aww, thanks!
Yes, it's going to be a messy fight- as it always is when children are involved!
Me neither right now, lol.

Haha, thank you.