Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) whatkatydid 2006-11-04

Sorry, I want to elaborate more on my early morning, did I mention I'm not morning person? review.

Yes , I mean immense. The power invoked in the emotions in this chapter are totally immense, they're HUGE! Your attention to detail and the surroundings, the air, the way the voices sounds, the words used, the feelings felt. They are all appropriate and they are excellently written.

I'm seriously worried about her though.

P.S - How the hell am I supposed to update when I have read and review every friggin story on here?? And it's not that I have to , I Want to!!

Seriously, take as much time as you need and keep your writing true to yourself because it's amazing.

Author's response

the main problem for me as a writer is trying to decipher the important details from the ones that no one really cares about. i have a tendency to describe really moronic and irrelevant things most of the time, so thank you for reassuring me with that one.

i'm really worried about her as well. i have some ideas running through my mind but i'd like some reassurance in the form of someone telling me either "yea, that's a good idea" or "if you write that i will punch you in the face and steal your cookies"

oh, and i've already made the decision not to update until you do. seriously, how could you leave me hanging like that? i was totally doing the pete growlie face. and you threw greta into the mix. that's just bitchin'.