Review for Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

(#) RockMusic 2012-08-19

I can't even begin to think of words to describe how amazing that was.
I can't handle the awesome.
It was an awesome overload.
That my dear was talent.
My brain can't even begin to comprehend how amazing that chapter was.
It blew my mind.
I hope you update soon.
Ryan and Brendon just keep screwing everything up though.
First Brendon hates him, then Ryan says 'fine I'll move on' then Brendon is all 'wait, I love him', then Ryan leaves and Brendon is all late and they just screw things up for themselves. Grrrr. I won't even begin to think about taking sides. But the other Ryan, actually has common sense, so sweet.

Author's response

Your comment made me SO happy. You have no idea. You seriously put the biggest smile on my face. Yeah, I made it purposely so that readers can't choose sides, haha. And yes, the other Ryan does have common sense. Luckily for dipshit Brendon, haha.