Review for Triwizard Redux

Triwizard Redux

(#) scruffy1 2006-11-04

I found the Malthus Bern pamphlets a very interesting device and one that I've not seen before. The fact that they pre-date Voldemort was a nice touch. I wonder if he read them as a student and incorporated several of his ideas into his world view.
This is a very good and interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

Author's response

I've had elements of the ideas before (attributed to Grindelwald and earlier thinkers), but this is a different twist. And yes, Riddle knew this writer well, and twisted it for his own purposes.

If it helps anyone, Bern=Marx, Grindelwald=Kautsky and later Lenin, Voldemort=Stalin, while Harry is creating the idea of the Social Democrats.

If that confuses everyone, sorry.