Review for Personalized Stories!!(:

Personalized Stories!!(:

(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-08-20

Name:Mazy Hardell

Age: 22

Looks:black pixie cut with red chunks, one green one blue eye, slim, pale, 5ft7

Personality Traits: sarcastic, clever, observant, random, Wierd

Storyline: She plays the guitar for green day on tour when Billie joe breaks his hand and there she meets my chemical romance and she pulls a lot of pranks on them with frank so one day after a prank her and frank admit there feellings for one another and kiss

Love Intrest:Frank

Anything else?? Such as; other characters and such: Billie joe Armstrong, tre cool, and mike Dirnt

Author's response

I would totally do yours, But I don't listen to Green Day... so I know nothing about them... sorry /:
~Cassie Raye