Review for Personalized Stories!!(:

Personalized Stories!!(:

(#) Murderous_Music39 2012-08-20

Name: Megan White(:

Age: 19

Looks: Tall.. about 5' 8", slender but with curves about 129 lbs, long black hair to the small of he black with the under colored red. Big green eyes oftened outlined in black. Has big lips, bright pink. Smooth olive skin, small button nose.

Personality Traits: weird, quirky, music crazed, bassist, passinate, small tempered, spirtual, video game lover, active but nor atheltic, brave, boyish;), nocturnal, eats like you, akward, has trouble trusting, depressed, has few friends, insecure, artistic, smart, stubborn, falls for people quickly.

Storyline: you come up with it, be inventive;)

Love Intrest: Frank:3

Anything else?? Such as; other characters and such:
ZACH. well, you know him
ANDREW, yeahh, you know him too:3
all of MCR..obviously;)
you, jess, ronnie, paige.

ok so some history of my character; i don't get along well with my family and moved into an apartment with zach, who is dating some other hoe(maddie who isn;t important>:I) and am getting ready to go on tour with Andrew and whoever else you wanna add(: You guys(you ronnie paige jess) and my best friends. I have trust issues cuz i have been hurt by lots of people. and yeah, whatever
Do what you want with my story, i think i gave lots to work with;) hahaha feel free to take some of what i said and ignore it if its eaiser:P haha i can't wait to reeeeddittttt;D thanks hun:3