Review for Personalized Stories!!(:

Personalized Stories!!(:

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-08-20

Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Iero

Age: 15

Looks: Dark brown hair with purple highlights, shoulder-length, straight, full-fringe. Pale skin. Blue eyes. Short and skinny.

Personality Traits: shy. Gullible. Crybaby. Friendly. Timid.

Storyline: she's Franks little sister and he's really protective over her. He invites her on tour but when he comes off stage one night she's missing. Frank freaks out then finds out a creepy fan took her and won't let her go unless he does everything they ask. You can make up the rest :3

Love Intrest: -

Anything else?? Such as; other characters and such: scared of the dark.

Love Hozzie :)

Author's response

Ohhh. Jeeze... it may get a tiny dirty... I have a pervy mind.. >:) Hehehe. Just warning you(:
~Cassie Raye