Review for Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

Physical Therapy, Music, and A Switch

(#) RockMusic 2012-08-21

Well oh dear. Bren is still an emotional roller coaster. But at least he's an emotional roller coaster that likes Ry. I can totally live with that.
It would have been interesting if he just shoved him against the wall and went at it. I would've been fine with it.
I wonder whose knocking at the door. Hopefully no one important. They can get in trouble for that. But whoever it is doesn't deserve my thoughts because they interupted Ryden sexy time. NO ONE who wants to LIVE interupts Ryden sexy time.
Loved the chapter. You're amazing. I'm officially adopting your brain. It's my child now. I love it so much..

Realizing how creepy this whole thing is... Post anyway, like a boss.

Author's response

Hahahahaha your comment legit made me smile and giggle. I'm glad you liked it! And unfortunately my brain can only be your stepchild if we get married. ;)