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Personalized stories

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-08-22

Name: Jennifer Flores
Age: 17-25

Hair: Medium length, black and one hot pink highlight
Eyes: Wide eye, brown

Clothes: Band t shirts (Iron Maiden, The Ramones etc.) Skinny jeans and converse

Personality: makes sex jokes a lot, funny, smart, and very ambitious

Plot: One day, 17 year old Jennifer is hanging out in her basement, with her 4 friends, drinking stolen beers, and planning stuff they usually won't end up doing. She soon wonders if her dream of being a rockstar will ever cone true, and wonders if drinking beers in a basement is all she will ever do. ("IS THIS MY LIFE?"), so she runs away that night and tells everyone but Patrick, since he was a dick to her ever since he got a girlfriend. She moves to Michigan, where she meets 4 new guys who become her best friends and they start a band. After 8 years, she goes back to New York for a gig, to find that her band is the talk of the town. She plays her gig, meets people that were mean to her in high school who now regret it, and she runs into her 4 friends, who are also famous. They are in a band, and they marvel on how much she's changed.Patrick avoids her for a bit, since he still likes her, and the guts tell her how hard he took her leaving. Patrick talks to her in private, and apologizes, they confess their feelings for each other, happily ever after XD

Characters: if I can get a Fall Out Boy fic, the bandmates are her best friends/characters.
If not, make My Chem her best friends, and Frank the one she ends up with
Her bandmates: John, Aaron, Andrew, and Roger
Obsessive fan people who were her high school bullies: Karen, Nelson, Diane, and Mark.


Author's response

I was planning on doing oneshots and the way I'd write this, would not be in one shot. I may come back and do this later though. It sounds fun. :)