Review for All your poison

All your poison

(#) FlyingSmoke 2012-08-24

Well, I read the author's note... And it helped some, actually.
I loved this. For something coming out of you not smut (I mean, we all love the smut), this was wonderful. The reality of it all, and everything that seems like it could have happened... It's amazing at the details you always have. Truely. Emotional, dirty, real... Hell, I teared a little in some places. Probably because I'm a chick and that's what chicks do but I am going to blame it on the fauxbio.
I'm very glad to see you updated. I know you're not 3 or 4 months off of an update, but it feels like ages for me. So, muchas gracias. I loved reading it and, actually, hope to see you write more of this type of stuff too.
But don't forget the smut. Never forget the smut.
Update soon! :)