Review for Can you remember?

Can you remember?

(#) sassi 2012-08-27

Okay, first thing first. I truly don't know what is it in your blood, but all you british people just won't let me breathe. Especially you. You write so beautifully, so normal, sensitive, in detail and most of all > truthful and make your characters Real human. All stories are different yet meaningful, without silly side effects as shock value and stupidity, still I can clearly feel your handwriting. Right. I should stop babbling, your readers told you already. Yeah, you great, kid, keep it up. I wouldn't mind buying your stories. You've got it in you. [heh, kinda related to story] I mean I´ve read thousands of tales. Hundreds of frerard and This was the first ever made me weep. I just couldn't. From the beggining I was so deep in that and when came Frank's death, I was crying. No because of violence, tragedy or sorrow. It was the pure love and longing. The right thing to be human. I'm always cynical and searching every mistake how authors writes their actions, characters, psychology and point, language, details. And you? I think I fell in love with your writing and maybe you [blush - although I never blush, you deserve it, when you made me silently cry, how sad, nice yet humanly it was]. I personally don't write, got too complicated mind to handle into words for fanstories, but I've got the radar for grace to know which stuff is really really worth it at the first sight. /Registered only to tribute you. (your fan)