Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-08-29

Name: Lorna Isabella Lee

If I’m pairing you with someone: Anyone, but preferably Gerard or Mikey.

Sex? Virgin?: Lost her virginity while drunk at a high school party.

Male/Female/Between: Female.

Eyes: A deep, deep green- the colour of emeralds. Has rings of a deep sapphire blue surrounding the iris.

Hair: Her hair is of a medium thickness, and is an ebony black, that shines somewhat blue in lighting. It goes to the top of her ribcage. She usually wears it tied up in a tight ponytail, with her long fringe pinned back, but will loosely curl it and wear it down for special occasions.

Height: Roughly 5"8. Tall, as you can guess.

Age: 18. She looks her age, with no puppy fat or anything.

Body Type: Has a very slim waist, with a good-sized bust. Slightly muscled, from working as a ballerina for a few years when she was 16.

Race: White. She's from Port Arthur, Tasmania. (Australia.)

Skin Color: Pale, pale white. The flesh on her stomach is almost as white as a sheet of printing paper. She has a few freckles dotted on the bridge of her nose and under her eyes.

Face Shape: Heart-shaped face, with well-defined cheekbones (think Lindsey Way). No puppy fat, has a very sharp chin.

Nose: Small- like a 'button nose'.

Mouth: Her lips are pink, of medium fullness, but very very bitten and chapped.

Ears: She has a very small lump on her right ear. Her right ear also folds over slightly. It's a genetic thing and she refuses to have it fixed.

Hands and Feet: Her fingers are long and spidery, and very thin. In general, her hands and feet are long, pale, elegant, spidery, yeah.

Anything Else: Has a small birthmark on her thigh in the shape of a heart. She also has two small scars on either side of her mouth. She has both ears pierced once, and once only.

General Outfit: She usually wears paint-splattered art shirts that are a size too big for her, paired with a pair of black shorts.

Shoes: She prefers a pair of ballerina flats to anything else, but if she has to, she'll wear a pair of creamy hi-top Converse. She likes white ankle socks and nothing else.

Accessories: She makes her own jewelry, so she will often have a beaded necklace (usually blue, green, purple) strung round her neck. She wears silver studs for earrings, but will swap them for a pair of teardrop shaled feather earrings on special occasions.

Special Accessories: She usually has a paintbrush or a pencil sticking out of her ponytail, and wears a bracelet on her right hand. It's just a simple rubber band, but her brother gave it to her before he died.

Makeup: She adores wearing a brightly colored eyeshadow with dark eyeliner. The eyeshadow colours she will usually wear are neon pink, neon green, and neon blue, and she will rim her eyes quite heavily in smoky black eyeliner. She wears black mascara and curls her eyelashes.

Colors Worn: Like I mentioned, her shorts are black, and her shirts are usually grey or white, splattered with every paint colour imaginable.

Overall Fashion Sense: She gives off an arty vibe. People think she's cheerful, because of her makeup and the paint splats on her shirts.

General Personality: If you want a list of seven adjectives: sweet, vibrant, excitable, cheerful, bubbly, gullible and trustworthy. She trusts everyone who befriends her, and is extremely gullible. She's a good listener, and can spot if someone is unhappy.

Most Common Mood: Probably biting her lip, staring off into space, yes.

Hangouts: She likes to sit in trees, or by water, so always check up trees and by rivers/lakes/ponds/beaches.

Favorite Activities: She loves to do art of all types (paint, drawing, pottery, sculptures) and also loves to cook. She adores reading, and likes looking after cats.

Can't/Won't: She absolutely won't eat meat, and if she sees someone frowning, she can't not try to make them smile and laugh. Otherwise, she's an extraordinarily talented girl.

Profession: She wants to be an artist (uh, no shit Sherlock) but until she can really make a living from it, she works in a cafe. She'd never admit it but she loves working for that cafe and wouldn't give up her job in a million years.

Relative Height: Eh, she's about Mikey's height. Does that work? I didn't particularly understand this part of the audition.

Attitude Towards Strangers: She'll smile, wave, and strike up a conversation. If she likes the stranger enough, she'll ask for their name, give hers, and if they really hit it off, she'll give them her number in order for them to text her.

Could you possibly giver her a pet cat called Jinxx (black cat)? And as for her family:

-Her brother, Sam Arthur Lee, was murdered a few days after her 15th birthday.
-Her mother and father didn't really care about her, and gambled away their money on booze and lottery tickets.

I hope you liked my audition, and use it! I'm sorry if it's not detailed enough, but I just woke up and really wanted to do this and actually spent about two hours writing this up!


Author's response

I like your dedication!