Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-08-30

Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham

Age: 15 but change if you need to

If I’m pairing you with someone:
Gerard please :)

Sex? Virgin?: She's a virgin.

Male/Female/Between: Female

Eyes: Blue with hints of gray and green - Looks a little like the ocean.

Hair: Dark brown hair with pink highlights, shoulder-length, straight, full-fringe. Fringe hangs in her eyes a bit. Hair covers ears and she doesn't tuck her hair behind her ears. She never really does anything special to her hair.

Height: 5'2''

Age: 15 - Most people think she's her age but sometimes people will ask her for ID. She thinks it's because she's short and she has a pretty high-pitched voice.

Body Type: Skinny with small bust

Race: White from England (so if you're setting the story in a different country, she has an English accent :L)

Skin Color: White. Should I mention birth marks? Because I have one on the top of my left wrist. It's small, pink and looks like a ring.

Face Shape: Heart shaped

Nose: Turned-up shape - It's pierced.

Mouth: Her Mom describes them as 'kissy lips'? Bottom lip and top lip are nearly the same size. Can't stand wearing lip-gloss or anything on lips.

Ears: Normal sized. They're both pierced once in the ear lobe.

Hands and Feet: Feet are a size 6 and they're pretty wide.

Anything Else: Scar on tongue from she split it open when she was two. I mentioned piercings but here they are are again - Nose pierced, both ears pierced.

General Outfit: Usually baggy band tee-shirts (All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Envy Of The State, Black Veil Brides, Slipknot, Evanescence), loose jeans of any colour (she also likes patterened jeans. For example black and white striped jeans or green jeans with black stars on). She always wears odd socks. If she wears a dress or a skirt she won't wear it without tights. Her favourite skirt is a short purple tartan one. And her favourite dress is a pink one with zombie unicorns on it.

Shoes: Oh yeah I mentioned the odd socks in the last one :') She likes wearing converse, especially pink sequin ones. When she wears the purple skirt she wears knee-length purple tartan converse to match and she has a flat pair of red shoes with an evil bear at the front.

Accessories: A necklace with a silver chain and a pink guitar pink with 'Hollie' and a musical note on it. For earrings she has dangly guitar earrings. In her nose a small silver stud.

Special Accessories: I would give you a photo but I don't have one :( She wears four friendship bracelets on her left wrist that she can't take off because they're made of thread and tied to her wrist. There's one that's pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and green that she's been wearing for two years. A red one with three bead sections that have beads coloured red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purpel and pink that she's been for a year. She has another bracelet like the first one but it's brighter and she's been wearing it for a year. She has a plaited one that's green, white and pink which she's been wearing for a few months.

Make-up: Normally doesn't bother wearing any make-up but when she's in the mood she'll wear thick eye-liner (never liquid eye-liner) and mascara but that's all. Does nail polish count as make-up? Because she loves painting her nails. She'll normally paint each nail a different colour.

Colors Worn: Bright pink, dark purple, light blue, light green.

Overall Fashion Sense: Popular people often bitch about her fashion sense but friendly people don't seem to mind what she wears.

General Personality: Shy. Gullible. Timid around strangers (looks down so it's like she's hiding behind her fringe). Friendly. Trustworthy. Insecure. Good listener but not so good at giving advice afterwards. Daydreamer.

Most Common Mood: She's normally happy but people think she's upset because she looks kind of upset when she's daydreaming. And she daydreams quite a lot. Bites her lip when she feels awkward or shy. Normally quiet if a stranger is around but if it's just her friends she'll talk quite a lot and laugh a lot.

Hangouts: Library, shopping centre, beach.

Favorite Activities: Reading. Writing. Going shopping. Playing Sims 2. Having sleepovers. Watching movies (especially Disney movies. Hates horror movies except Orphan and a koerean movie called Hansel and Gretal). Playing piano.

Can't/Won't: She can't bite her nails - She has no idea how to do it which is why hers are so long because she can't bite them and always forgets to cut them. She will try her best to avoid talking to strangers.

Profession: -

Relative Height: Just 5'2''

Attitude Towards Strangers: Quiet, won't say much unless asked a question. Will be friendly. She'll rely on her friends to make her feel less awkward around strangers.

Could you... Just thought I'd mention my birthday is 30th September :)