Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-08-30

Name: Alexandria Wong

Age: Whatever happens to fit :3 Her b-day is April 1st, even though she's not exactly your Fred and George if you get my drift lol.

If I’m pairing you with someone: Frank, Gerard, or Mikey

Sex? Virgin?: She's a virgin.

Male/Female/Between: Female lol. NO SHE'S A HERMAPHRODITE! Just kidding.

Eyes: Almond shaped and a chocolaty brown when the sun's shining in them. If it's in the dark or darker lighting they're pretty much black

Hair: Jet black and long, it hangs to her mid-back with some longer layers. It's mildly thick with a side-bang over her right eye. It's soft to the touch and smooth and shiny.

Height: 5'2" tall

Age: She's only a teenager, but she could pass for much older. She's a very mature person as well personality and mind wise.

Body Type: She's not over-weight, but she is on the stockier side. She has muscular thighs with broader shoulders and a broader bust, giving her an hourglass shape. Her waist is lean though.

Race: Chinese, but she's lived in America so long she lost her accent.

Skin Color: A medium tan. In the winter her skin gets a lot lighter from lack of sun, but in the summer she tans very easily with minimal burning.

Face Shape: Her face is mainly round, but she has a defined jawline. Not enough to be called "heart."

Nose: Her nose is pretty much normal with and a bit of a button nose.

Mouth: She has fuller lips without looking Angelina-Jolie pouty haha.

Ears: A bit on the smaller size, but not very noticeably so.

Hands and Feet: Her feet are normal size, 6 1/2 shoe-7 1/2. Her hands are very small and they are a TAD bit on the chubby side, but they fit her body perfectly.

Anything Else: She has an rectangular shaped birthmark on her hip and a small scar on her cheek. She has a tiny beauty mark above her lip as well. Not a mole lol, it's not raised off the skin, it's a legitimate beauty mark.

General Outfit: She likes wearing dark denim skinny jeans in the winter as well as brightly colored skinny jeans. In the summer just jean shorts or colored. She likes wearing either straight, body hugging skirts or pleated ones to fancy occasions/school. On top she enjoys band shirts on causal/off days, oxfords on the casual side, and stylish off-the-shoulder tops. She likes darker colored clothing with brighter bottoms as a nice contrast. She LOVES wearing trench coats (the bad ass kind from The Matrix/Resident Evil: Extinction, The Avengers, or Underworld)

Shoes: On off days she wears either converse or flip flops. In the winter boots like these:

For casual or fancy occasions. She also enjoys these in the winter, fall, and spring: with less of a heel.

Accessories: She has two piercings in each ear. She normally wears diamond studs in the second ones and then flashy ones in the first hole. She likes wearing colorful, fun, light jewelry on a daily basis. She doesn't put anything in her hair unless it'd be a wedding or funeral.

Special Accessories: Nope! She doesn't wear makeup unless it's a special occasion, then she'll wear mascara and black or brown eye-liner.

Overall Fashion Sense: (optional) She has a bit of a punk-rocker fashion, but she makes it classy. When she does dress up people think she's very professional, yet still sexy/pretty (depends on what age range you go with lol).

General Personality: Caring, nice, low-tolerance for incompetence, funny, optimistic, creative, artsy, musical, strong-willed, stands up for what she believes in, intelligent, loyal, courageous, sarcastic when appropriate (or when NOT appropriate)

Most Common Mood: Optimistic and thinking haha.

Hangouts: The library or park

Favorite Activities: Reading, writing, drawing, listening to music or composing it on the piano (no vocals, just solo piano).

Can't/Won't: Have sex just as a one-night stand, follow the in crowd, eat sea-fish.

Profession: High school, or if she's an adult a professional writer with a degree in forensics/psychology.

Attitude Towards Strangers:
If she gets a good vibe, she'll be nice and friendly, but if she get's the slightest hint of something bad she's instantly cold and guarded. She's pretty shy so she won't make the first move, but if you get her talking she'll be there all night. She's good either around friends, or alone. She adapts to a lot. Mostly because of her being born in China then moved over to the States to a whole different culture and world.

WHEW!! That was long. Thank you so much!! I really hope you can use her :D