Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-08-30

Name: Jennifer Flores
Age: 21
If I’m pairing you with someone: Bob please
Sex? Virgin?: Virgin! WOOOOOO! XD
Male/Female/Between: Female
Eyes: Wide, dark brown eyes, like a chocolate dark brown
Hair: black, up to her neck, has one hot pink highlight
Height: 5'4
Age: Just 21, but she can pass for a tad bit older if she wore heels(although she hates them)
Body Type: She is average size, has a small bust and broad shoulders.
Race: Hispanic(more specifically, Mexican American)
Skin Color: She has a brown complexion, and people sometimes mistake her for being Indian
Face Shape: She has an oval shaped face
Nose: an average size nose, not quite perfect, it has a roundish tip, but otherwise average
Mouth: Thin lips, kind of pink
Ears: Pretty much normal, maybe a bit bigger, but not really anything special
Hands and Feet: She has sort of chubby fingers, naturally, and her feet are sort of small. Not too small, but not too big either. Perfect for her body.
Anything Else: Not really

General Outfit: Baggy band t shirts, that are chosen in the men's section(for comfort), colored skinny jeans, and converse
Shoes: Converse. Always hightop, black converse
Accessories: Not really anything
Special Accessories: her black glasses, that help her see(obviously) but she doesn't like taking them off
Colors Worn: Black, red,and sometimes blue, usually.
Overall Fashion Sense: Her music taste makes her weird, but she likes parading it around, in the form of band t shirts(Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, etc.)

General Personality: Nice, Doesn't get mad too often, creative, funny, witty, makes sexual jokes, smart, loyal, and can be sarcastic
Most Common Mood: Happy and optimistic
Hangouts: The park, usually
Favorite Activities: Drawing, reading, listening to music, singing, and just thinking
Can't/Won't: Won't wear dresses, won't give her virginity up to just anyone(is waiting for the right person), can't swim,can't play any instruments, and won't be pushed around
Profession: Singer in a rock band! She only sings
Relative Height: Just 5'4
Attitude Towards Strangers: Very nice towards strangers, and isn't shy
Could you...:I don't know. She has 2 older, protective brothers and that's it.

YAY I'm done! Ok, I really hope you can use her! Thanks!