Review for Extremely Detailed Auditions

Extremely Detailed Auditions

(#) Sherlock 2012-08-30

Name: Benjamin Thomas Scott
Age: 17 – Because of rounded and softened features along with his height he can be mistaken for younger than he is. (You may change age if you would like)
If I’m pairing you with someone: Doesn’t need to be paired but you can put him with someone if you would like. He could be paired with a male or female or anything inbetween, doesn’t matter.
Sex? Virgin?: Virgin.
Male/Female/Between: Male.
Eyes: A dark evergreen outlining his iris, a light emerald green that fades into yellow around the pupil. There are also streaks of light brown in them.
Hair: Auburn with a mix of dark and light brown streaks. In low light it seems to have more hints of red whereas in the sun it changes to a more bronzy/gold colour. Kind of looks like this (The colours, not the style) -
It is thick and shaggy, just about covers his ears completely. Styled like this -
Height: 5’5”
Body Type: Slim build with a small amount of lean muscle but not much. Flat and smooth stomach with prominent hipbones and ribs. A little skinnier than healthy.
Race: Italian and Welsh. When tired or excited a mix of both accents slips in. (It’s the weirdest thing to listen to, I swear)
Skin Color: Pale skin (practically white) with more of a sickly hue to it (Thanks to the welsh heritage) Tans easily but it fades very quickly. A small dusting of light freckles on the nose and a little on the cheeks that are only noticeable when looking closely. Also a few light freckles on his feet by his toes.
Face Shape: Rounded with a soft jaw line. Cheeks are slightly chubby (inherited from mother) but there are deep permanent ditches under his eyes, no matter how much sleep he gets. These become overly noticeable when he smiles.
Nose: Cute, round button nose.
Mouth: Plump lips that have a light pink hue.
Ears: Normal ears.
Hands and Feet: Long skinny fingers that are usually nervously playing with something.
Anything Else: Large, long scars decorating his back from falling and skidding down a cliff face while hiking. (A few really faded ones on his arms and legs from this accident as well, but harder to notice) A thin, small black X tattooed on both of his wrists.
General Outfit: Well-worn and faded (sometimes torn) jeans that are usually straight legged or boot-cut. Only owns one pair of skinnies, they are grey and rarely worn because he says he doesn’t like the way they look on him. A plain t-shirt with a button up shirt over top. The button ups range from long sleeved(which are always rolled up to his elbow) to short sleeved and plain to plaid all in an array of colours.
Shoes: A pair of plain all black leather shoes he wears every day with everything (Unless it’s to the beach, then he wear his brown leather sandals)
Accessories: Black cloth belt he wears every day but usually hidden under his shirt. A small brown and blue bracelet on his right wrist.
Special Accessories: None.
Makeup: None (well… he tried eyeliner and made it two days in a row before deciding it was too much of a hassle to put it on so he gave up on it)
Colors Worn: Mostly blue, black or grey jeans. His shirts tend to be either on the dark side or sometimes a white or pastel blue. Tends go towards dark purples, greens, reds, blues, browns.
Overall Fashion Sense: Pretty good. Kind of just got the average guy look.
General Personality:
-Likes things that make sense/have definite answers (i.e math and science and most technology)
-Tries to be optimistic, although does not always succeed in doing so
-Open minded
-Wants to understand and help people
-Gets scared easily (Afraid of deep water, the dark, loud noises, bats, fish, most insects, snakes, being confined, large dogs, and those small baby corns)
-Distracted easily, but mostly because he is looking for a distraction from whatever he is thinking
-Depressed but avoids talking about it with anyone, ever. (Gets overly defensive about it)
Most Common Mood: Thoughtful. Outwardly happy and content while inside usually overthinking things
Hangouts: The cliffs where he usually goes hiking, he goes to a ledge up at the top and sits there to clear his head.
Favourite Activities: Hiking, reading, watching movies, listening to music (mostly seventies stuff), doodling designs everywhere (seriously, he has a sharpie on him at all times and just starts drawing on whatever is closest – Usually he does it to distract himself)
Can't/Won't: Won’t go into small or confined spaces or large crowds. Will only pet a dog if it’s the size of or smaller than a terrier. Doesn’t like to be outside during the night.
Profession: High school. Has no idea what he should do with his life. If you make him older then he would probably have a job at a book store or maybe a bartender.
Relative Height: Just taller than Frank by a wee bit, his eyes would be nose level on Gerard, chin level on Mikey and shoulder level on Ray.
Attitude Towards Strangers: Shy and hesitant although he tries to be ambient and nice with them unless they have given him a reason to act otherwise towards them.
Could you… : He is a single child, lives with his recluse and work-aholic father. No pets. I think that’s it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my audition and will think about using him. Good luck with your writing and have a pleasant day =)